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Food & drink


Food is a journey within a journey. It involves all the senses because in the kitchen you need to be able to observe, listen, taste, smell and touch. Everyone experiences it in a different way and yet we all love to talk about it, capture it with our camera’s, some enjoy sharing it with their friends, while others enjoy the privacy and intimacy in sharing it with someone special.

During our holidays we eat and experience the local food. It represents the essence of the land, its real ingredients, its people and their lives, their lifestyle, their relationships and their hard work. Understanding food is the simplest and most enthusiastic way to feel the customs of your hosts: in the kitchen you learn about the differences and similarities between people. We discover common roots and distant horizons.

Food is the first act of love that we encounter in our lives and maybe that is why it is irresistible. Don’t be satisfied just with the act of eating. Fully experience the food during your travels, making it an event, something special. Explore the tradition, but also the modern and creative versions as well. Take home an ingredient that you cannot find anywhere else, but above all, let yourself be tempted.